Valentine's Day Roses

Roses are among the best Valentine's Day gifts that manifests the purpose of the celebration in a better manner. Roses have been Valentines Day Roses and also traditional Valentine's Day gifts presented by lovers to each other.Here are few stanzas for a famous Valentine's Day love saying that glorifies the significance of roses on this occasion.

"Roses are red,
And Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

My sweetheart,
Day is mine but dreams are yours,
A request for a day, lasting forever,
Will you be my Valentine?"

Valentine Roses Flowers

These few stanzas clearly delivers the message how roses have been shared between lovers and Valentine's Day couples to mark this special occasion.

Rose, the flower of love, is one of the most popular and oldest flowers known to man. The word rose has come from the Latin word rosa meaning red, and the flower has been a symbol of love since ancient times.

Nebuchadnezzar used roses to adorn his palace; the Persians used roses for perfume oil and to fill the Sultan's mattress. And, in Kashmir, the Mughal emperors cultured rose gardens and rivers were strewn with rose petals to welcome them on their return from wars.

Rose was created by Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers. One day she found a lifeless body of a nymph in the woods. She asked for the help of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who gave her beauty; Dionysus, the god of wine, bestowed nectar to give her a sweet scent, and the three Graces gave her charm, brightness and joy. Then the West Wind, Zephyr, blew the clouds away and the Sun god Apollo shone upon her, making the Rose bloom.

Rose is the most prevalent flower that is given on Valentine's Day or by lovers in general. This beautiful and majestic flower speaks of many eternal love stories. Known for its sensuous scent and delicate petals, rose brings out all the colors of a relationship.

Pure White Roses

It is a symbol of truth and innocence. They are also great for feelings of loneliness. If you miss someone, express it through this white rose. And if you want to compliment someone on her serene beauty, then also this white rose will say, "You're heavenly."

Coral Roses

Coral roses are known for their deep pink color signifying desire and passion.

Peach Roses

Peach roses speak of appreciation, gratitude, and also sympathy. You can send this Valentine rose to a close friend or a family member.

Yellow Roses

It means friendship and freedom. You shouldn't send this rose if you have romantic feelings for someone. Yellow roses are also a perfect choice for sending congratulations to newlyweds, graduates, new mothers.

Combined Roses

Now we know what roses of dieerent colors mean. But do we know what a combination of differnt colors would mean? Take a look!

White Roses + Yellow Roses

This combination is a symbol of harmony and peace. So on this Valentine Day if this is the thought in your mind then prepare a small bunch of white and yellow roses.

Red Roses + Yellow Roses

When you combine these two beautiful Valentine roses you get happiness and celebration. These roses are perfect for wedding anniversaries or for celebrating a long-time relationship with your sweetheart.

Red Roses + White Roses

The combination of these two dynamic roses indicates bonding and harmony. On this Valentine Day you can present these roses to your wife or hubby.

Rose Symbolism

When thinking of presenting roses to someone, we generally think of a big bouquet to express our feelings. But sometimes what a single rose can do, a bouquet cannot do. On this Valentine Day, break away from the traditional myths of Valentine roses and try these Valentine rose options as well.

Single Red Rose - "I love you"

Single Rose Any Color - "I thank you"

Two Roses Entwined - An engagement or marriage is at hand.